Moon Hee Kim


Artist Statement 



Moon Hee Kim  

I'm interested in environmental problems that have caused increasing numbers of people to leave their homes in search of a better life in other parts of the world. The science of climatology and current conditions and trends in climate patterns show the impact of increasingly frequent natural disasters due to climate change and their devastating social, economic, and political implications. 

As an interdisciplinary artist, my work evokes the relationship between humans and objects affected by the issues of climate change. They discuss the inclusion and exclusion, unsustainable consumerism, and neoliberal economic policies that are damaging both humans and environment in a global scale. 

A technique essential to my practice is producing still-life paintings, objects and documentary photographs from observing site-specific and site-responsive installations. The notion of entanglement is central to ways of understanding the issues of climate change and its environmental challenges in my works. "Entanglement means thinking about environmental issues as complex and multi-layered." 

Through my art, I hope to take viewers on a journey to experience the notion of environment-society entanglement. The complicated environment-society entanglements create significant consequences in climate change.